Courtesy vouchers validity

Dear members, as already duly announced, we would like to remind you that all vouchers, courtesy cards, invitations, buggy vouchers, etc, with expiry date up to 31/12/2021, including those extended up to this date and with expiry date 31/12/2020 or those with no expiry date, will expire on 31 December 2.021 and therefore become invalid.
Therefore, only those which are expressly stated as having a valid expiry date will be valid.

In order to use the vouchers, it will be necessary to notify the Caddy Master in advance of your intention to do so, so that they can be validated and registered accordingly.

Yours sincerely
The Competition Committee


Real Club de Golf Guadalmina






Dear Members;


We are getting closer to launch day, and I would like to thank everyone involved in the project to date.  There has been a huge effort by Staff and some members who provided training on the App to get us this far. We are all very excited at the prospect of the new system.   


We know that changes are always a bit scary at first, but we assure you that the Club through the Caddy Master staff and collaborators will continue to support the launch of the new reservation and management system.


Today more than 800 members have already downloaded the Claphouse APP, and we hope that before the end of the year, close to 100% of Members will do so.


Allow me once again to remind you of the relevant dates of the next few days.  They are presented in a structured way for ease of understanding.




28th October               The APP is no longer open for practice.


28th – 31st                   Continue to book all golf on the old system



1st & 2nd                    Help with Live APP in the Captain Room beside the GYM


Monday 09:00 – 10:00 and 17:00 – 18:00

Tuesday 09:00 – 10:00 and 17:00 – 18:00


1st November             07:45am the ClappHouse App and the Website will be open for Bookings for Golf in the new system.  


When you click Reservations in the Website you will be taken to the live Calendar.  


You will see the following:



Any booking you made in the old system for the 1st – 4th November will be listed here

Make a reservation at 07:45 for November 5th


COMPETITIONS (Events) – Booking in the APP/Website

For competitions from 15th you can book 2 weeks in advance of the date at 7.45 am


You will see the following Competitions (Events):


1st November            Mens Day for 15th November

2nd November           Ladies Day for 16th November

4th November            International Mixed for 18th November


Competitions open in the Website from 4TH TO 14TH


In the Website when you click REGISTER for the following competitions you will continue to book as before:


4th Thursday International

6th Play and Win Medal & Stableford

7th Play and Win Medal & 4BBB

8th Mens Competition

9th Ladies Competition

11th Thursday International

13th All School Competition

14th Play and Win Medal & Stableford


Note:                          You can continue to book reservations/competitions at the CaddyMaster


15th November         You will be able to add money to your Members Account – we will inform you in advance how to do this.



Bridge Section

Dear Members;

We are pleased to inform you that  the Bridge Section will start again this week, see details below.

 Real Club de Golf Guadalmina Bridge Club 




  1. Starting:Friday 22nd October
  2. Bridge days:Friday & Monday
  3. Bridge time:4.30 – 7.30
  4. Bridge liaison Mrs. Anne Langgard
  5. Bridge scoring:live scoring
  6. To register:by email 
  7. Registration opens tuesday 19thby sending an e mail to                                                         

Bridge result will be published in Real Club de Golf Guadalmina web site

Members fee:          € 5

Visitors fee:             € 8


  • Members fee is for Real Club de Golf Guadalmina fully paid up active members 
  • Visitors fee includes a non-member fee of €6 and a further €2 to cover prizes and administration costs

Yours sincerely


Real Club de Golf Guadalmina



As the Guadalmina Ambassador for the Solheim Cup this is an exciting week in our calendar for two reasons: 


First: attached to this publication is the Dance Video that we entered for the competition that the Solheim Cup event organisers are running.  We are extremely proud of this video and we hope that you enjoy it and feel as proud of our wonderful club as we did when we saw the final version.  I want to thank our wonderful dancers who made this possible and supported this project with such enthusiasm and commitment. We had lots of fun doing it.  This video would not have been made possible without Minoo who put so many hours into it to get it ‘just right’ and he certainly achieved something special.  Thanks also to all the staff from the course, caddy masters and restaurant that got involved. A big thank you to all the members who attended the ‘wave’ at the pool, the Captain Roger for getting all his guys out, the professionals in the school and all the children who got involved, our President Manuel and all the board members and administration staff.  A big thank you to Ignacio, Pepe, Vice Captain Leona and the dance committee for all their help and support.  We wish the video could be longer as there is so much great footage but 60 seconds was the permitted limit and I think it captures the essence of our special club. 


Second: this is the week that the Solheim Cup Team Europe takes on the United States in Toledo, Ohio from the 4th to the 6th of September.  As Ambassadors we are tasked with promoting ladies golf and spreading the word that ladies golf worldwide has moved up a notch.  It is getting more TV coverage and many golfers, both male and female, are enjoying the coverage of ladies’ professional golf events.  This week is no exception and I ask you to view part, or indeed the entire Solheim cup coverage.   Remember it will be on our doorstep in Finca Cortesin in September 2023 and we will all be a part of it.  We want to showcase to the world our enthusiasm for this event and our love of golf in Spain.  This is a real opportunity to promote our Club, the Costa del Sol and increase the profile of what Andalucía has to offer.  So ‘Lets go girls’ and ‘Lets go guys’ too. 


Good Luck from Guadalmina to the team in Ohio. Bring home the Solheim Cup girl

To see the video click HERE


Yours in golf

Rosaleen Cunningham

Solheim Cup Ambassador

To see the video click on the link


Condolences for Maria Jeus Calvete (Chusiña ) death

I regret to inform you that the death has occurred of Maria Jesus Calvete know to her friends as Chusiña. 


Chusiña has been a member of Guadalmina Golf Club since 2015 and was a great supporter of the club. 



Chusiña was always smiling and friendly to everyone she met. 

She enjoyed getting together with friends and loved to entertain them with a song. 


Chusiña also recently enjoyed playing on our Croquet Lawn with friends. 


She will be sadly missed by family and friends and especially by her husband Antonio Garcia Bilbo. 


May Chusina Rest in Peace.


Real Club de Golf Guadalmina


Dear Members:

The Barceló Marbella Golf Hotel, just a few meters from our Club House, has offered special discounts for massage and beauty services in their facilities, exclusively for Members of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina.

In the additional information you may download the details of these offers.


Real Club de Golf Guadalmina

Colective dance contest JERUSALEMA to promote Solheim Cup 2023

Dear all,

As mentioned in the latest web publication from Rosaleen Cunningham, our Solheim Cup Ambassador, we would like to invite you all to participate in the Jerusalema dance competition organised by the Solheim Cup event managers as part of the program to promote the Solheim Cup 2023.  The music version we will use is the original “JERUSALEMA by Master KG”



What is the idea:

To get as many ladies and men as possible to attend practice sessions so that we can make a videoclip maximum 60 seconds in which we dance and promote our beautiful International Guadalmina Golf Club and the courses.  All the dancers from the winning club will get a greenfee to play Finca Cortesin the Solheim Cup Course for 2023.  We will be competing against all the clubs in Spain who also have an Ambassador, approximately 100.



Who can join:

All Guadalmina Members and Staff who want to do the dance.   Also, for those who do not want to do the dance but want to be part of the fun, there will be a grand finale around the swimming pool where everyone will be holding a golf club and we will do something similar to a ‘Mexican Wave’ and video it using a drone.



Dates for training and actual video:

9:10 – 9:40am at the P&P behind hole 4 – Wednesday Mornings June 16th, 23rd, 30th, and July 7th

7:45 – 8:15pm at the Driving Range – Friday Evenings June 18th, 25th, July 2nd,and July 9th.

The dance leaders/trainers will be Maria Torres and Anne Langgard on Wednesday mornings and Carmen Ortega and Leona Poelstra Friday evenings.

A final Practice with all dancers will be organised in the week of July 12th – dates and times to be announced.

Tentative date to video the Final Dance and the ‘Mexican Wave’ is Saturday July 17th.

The basic steps need to be learned at home before the first training sessions - attached is an easy instruction video which you can use to learn the steps. 

Dancers must committ to a minimum of 2 and preferably 3 training sessions. 



What will all dancers and everyone in the final line up wear for the Video?

Ladies – Coral top and white skirt, shorts or pants with a coral/white flower in their hair.  The flower will be provided by the organising committee.

Men – Navy shorts or pants and white shirt.



Where do I register?

Please register at the caddymaster if you are going to do the dance and you can put your name on the list for the Morning Training session, the Evening Training or on both. 

Important !

Please find attached the document that was received from the Solheim Cup Organisers with the rules of the competition. Please give extra attention to point 2 in this document concerning consent to the broadcasting of the video!

We all need to stay safe and therefore the Coronovirus protocol needs to be respected at all times.




Although the final video is only 60 seconds there will be some effort required to make it happen, but there will be lots of fun, laughter and excercise in the process.  We are looking forward to getting it started and showing the other clubs what the Guadalmina Women and Men can do.  Please register and join in the fun.

Lets all go and swing it out…

Committee Members: Rosaleen Cunningham, Leona Poelstra, Maria Torres, Anne O’Keefe, Carmen Ortega, Anne Langard.



Link of training video for your use at home

PDF of competition rules form the Solheim Cup Organisers

News about Solheim Cup 2023


The Solheim Cup is the biggest international competition in women’s golf and one of the most important events in women’s sport around the world.  


This biennial tournament is contested by teams representing Europe and the United States.


For the first time ever, Spain will host the Solheim Cup in 2023.


Finca Cortesín (Costa del Sol, Andalusia) will hold the event that will take place from September 18-24.


Up to now, seven Spanish golfers have played in the European team. Azahara Muñoz (a Costa del Sol golfer) has been a stalwart on the European side from 2011 on.


Record crowds of more than 90,000 turned out to watch the 2019 Solheim Cup at Gleneagles.


The Solheim Cup is an ideal platform to present Andalucía and the Costa del Sol as a prime tourism destination.


click here for a promo videos  Aza´s Noemi´s Solheim Cup 2023

Rosaleen Cunningham 

Real Club de Golf Guadalmina

Solheim Cup 2023 Embassador