In 1933 Norberto Goizueta and his family on a trip in their boat the “Serva La Bari”  when they discovered Guadalmina. Initially the farm was dedicated to agriculture but in the following years the use was gradually changed and grass replaced corn and wheat. In 1959 the South Course was inaugurated, designed by Mr. Javier Arana, one of the best Spanish golf course designers of all time.

In 1973, under the supervision of Folco Nardi, the second golf course “El Campo Norte” was completed and in 1989 the golf offering was completed with the construction of the par 3 course.  Together the courses with the driving range and Aza’s Corner, make up a facility comparable to only a few other destinations on the Costa del Sol.

This is the history of a Family and a Golf Club, which has hosted important tournaments such as the Spanish Men’s Championship in 1965, the qualifying rounds of the European Tour School in 1995 and 1996, or the APG Spanish Professionals Championship in 1998.

Special mention should be made of the two LET events, the 2017 Ladies Spanish Open with the victory of our Honorary Member Azahara Muñoz Guijarro and the 2020 Open in which Emily Kristine Pedersen won first place.

In 2021 the club transitioned from a limited liability company which it had been since 1989 to a Members Club.  The Members of Real Club de Golf Guadalmina took over the ownership of their golf courses and other facilities and the club became a members club for members.

Today the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina has more than 2,000 members of more than 20 nationalities.  Spanish members make up the biggest proportion of the membership of the club.  This creates a Family athmosphere, supporting a children’s school, which every year brings us new sporting successes and attracts young families who see our Club as the best option.