As the Guadalmina Ambassador for the Solheim Cup this is an exciting week in our calendar for two reasons: 


First: attached to this publication is the Dance Video that we entered for the competition that the Solheim Cup event organisers are running.  We are extremely proud of this video and we hope that you enjoy it and feel as proud of our wonderful club as we did when we saw the final version.  I want to thank our wonderful dancers who made this possible and supported this project with such enthusiasm and commitment. We had lots of fun doing it.  This video would not have been made possible without Minoo who put so many hours into it to get it ‘just right’ and he certainly achieved something special.  Thanks also to all the staff from the course, caddy masters and restaurant that got involved. A big thank you to all the members who attended the ‘wave’ at the pool, the Captain Roger for getting all his guys out, the professionals in the school and all the children who got involved, our President Manuel and all the board members and administration staff.  A big thank you to Ignacio, Pepe, Vice Captain Leona and the dance committee for all their help and support.  We wish the video could be longer as there is so much great footage but 60 seconds was the permitted limit and I think it captures the essence of our special club. 


Second: this is the week that the Solheim Cup Team Europe takes on the United States in Toledo, Ohio from the 4th to the 6th of September.  As Ambassadors we are tasked with promoting ladies golf and spreading the word that ladies golf worldwide has moved up a notch.  It is getting more TV coverage and many golfers, both male and female, are enjoying the coverage of ladies’ professional golf events.  This week is no exception and I ask you to view part, or indeed the entire Solheim cup coverage.   Remember it will be on our doorstep in Finca Cortesin in September 2023 and we will all be a part of it.  We want to showcase to the world our enthusiasm for this event and our love of golf in Spain.  This is a real opportunity to promote our Club, the Costa del Sol and increase the profile of what Andalucía has to offer.  So ‘Lets go girls’ and ‘Lets go guys’ too. 


Good Luck from Guadalmina to the team in Ohio. Bring home the Solheim Cup girl

To see the video click HERE


Yours in golf

Rosaleen Cunningham

Solheim Cup Ambassador

To see the video click on the link