Annual Match Junior vs Adults

Once again we celebrated the Match between Juniors and Adults, and in spite of having 7 professionals among the ADLUT'S TEAM, this year, thanks to the great game of the Club's Junior players the result has been a RESOUNDING victory for the Junior, congratulations and see you in 2016!!!

In the photo, the captain of the Junior, Mónica Ruiz Pavón, receives from the captain of the adult Loli Ruiz Pacheco, the commemorative plaque.

Final Junior Andalusian Circuit 2015

The weekend in the 5 of December 2015, Real Club Pineda de Sevilla hosted final youth circuits and Benjamin de Andalucía 2015.  14 players from our  school have managed to qualify for the final.  

Accompanied by professional Salva Ruiz, wewould like to congratulate Alejandro Chacón, who has won the category alevin with a spectacular result of 74 shots, Alex Amey, who has won the benjamin category and also the annual ranking in this category and to Evelina Stanikova, who was sub-champion in Alevin Category in the Championship and in the annual ranking. For more information:

Antonio Guerrero Winner of the European Senior Chamioship AESGOLF

264 players from 23 countries participated in this Edition, which requires a complex organization, rate and classify 264 matches of three players as well as matches for the recognition of two courses, the Kikouka Country Club of 5.925 m. fundamentally strategic field, opened in 1991, ESGA CUP scenario and the Golf Culb Grand Ducal 5.802 m. a field opened in 1936 , of narrow streets lined with pending important woodland which was chosen to play the tournament CHAMPIONSHIP.  

The team led, with very good manners, by Javier Alonso, Spanish handicap behaved as embedded good bulls, low to high. Vicente Largo, Antonio Guerrero, Enrique Fernández, Antonio de Pedro and José María Gomez, had already shown in previous qualifiers abilities, but it was a tight competition to taste the nectar of victory. In this case double, both individual single, as for equipment.

Felipe Barrena winner of Copa Maestraza 2015

Felipe Barrena Rodríguez: won the Maestranza Cup scoring for the Rankings of masculine and feminine of the Real Federation Andaluza de Golf - which was held at the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, on two consecutive days (7 and 8 November 2015),

Felipe led the competiton over Sergio Ronchel  by one stroke after the first day has stood 2nd in the last  game and it has finally won by two strokes.    

Congratulations Felipe!  

Also participated in our club: Alex and Jaime Field Jiménez, Nacho Goméz Osuna, Alvaro and Marc Mueller-Baumgart as well as Patricia Marquéz Sanjuan

Success from the School in two competitions

The weekend of October 24-25 there were 2 good championships for the members of the Guadalmina Golf School:

In the  Andalusian Junior Ranking Circuit tournament in Guadalhorce Golf Club, the highlights were:


Jaime Field, Sub-campeón Scratch y Handicap


Infantil Masculino:

Lukas Pany, Campeón Scratch Infantil

David Waller, Sub-campeón Scratch

Alvaro Mueller, 3º Scratch


Benjamín Masculino:

Alexander Amey, Sub-Campeón


Infantil Feminino

Ana Belén Morales Izquierdo, Campeona Handicap


Alevín Feminino:

Evelina Stanikova: 3ª Scratch


And in three days 'Young Talents' Trophy by Jason Floyd Golf Academy in La Reserva de Sotogrande, Angel Hidalgo Portillo conseguió to win the U-18 category and 3rd place finish men overall, and Baily Tucker won Alevín Scratch 2nd place. 

¡¡¡ Congratulations to all ¡¡¡

Aurora y Mª José Hidalgo, winners of the Trophy Andalucia Ladies

This past October 22 to, the 18-hole Country Club Córdoba has welcomed 24 teams who have played the Ladies Trophy Andalusia, a competition that is played over 18 holes under modality "Four Ball Better Ball" Stroke Play handicap.

The winning team, with 66 net strokes, has been formed by the federated sisters by the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, Aurora and Maria Jose Hidalgo Navarro. Behind them, in second place but with the same result, came the local players Asuncion Moreno and Maria Carrere, while the third place with 67 strokes net also went to the players of Club de Campo de Córdoba, Milagros Perez Angulo and Lourdes Acasuso.