Works carried out on holes 5 and 15 SOUTH COURSE

Dear Members:

Last week DURING OUR MAINTENANCE WEEK ON THE SOUTH COURSE,  Required our collaboration to solve an important problem with the swage pipes of the Urbanization Guadalmina Baja.

The company GENERAL DE VIALES S.L.  supervised by our staff connected the existing pipes to the main collector by hte River Guadalmina, crossing holes 5 and 15 on South Course.

After completion the company CESPESOL S.L. returfed the affected area  and repaired all damages.

The area is marked as GROUN UNDER REPAIR ,  and for the next two weeks  we kindly require from members to follow the indications, and do not drive over the area with buggies or trolleys crossing the marked area using the buggy path.

The TOWN HALL of Marbella has expressed their deepest gratitude for our contribution in solving these problems.


In the additional information you will see the letter signed by Miguel Troyano Major of San Pedro Alcántara and some pictures of the works carried out

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