Valeria Ramírez and Aitor Macías, winners at Santa Clara Golf Marbella

More wins. This past Saturday, in Santa Clara Golf Marbella, it was turn for Valeria Ramírez (scratch and handicap Champion in “Benjamin” category) and Aitor Macías (handicap champion in “Benjamin”). In addition, the rest of the kids of our Academy got up to 19 Top 10’s in the different categories:


2nd Rebeca Fernández – Scratch “Alevín” & 5th Handicap

2nd Aitor Macías – Scratch “Benjamín”

4th Pablo Hidalgo – Handicap “Infantil” & 7th Scratch

5th Carlos Mendoza – Handicap “Infantil”

5th Marc Waller – Scratch “Infantil”

5th Samuel Love – Scratch “Benjamín” & 6th Handicap

6th Alejandro James Chacón – Scratch “Cadete”

6th Ana Belén Morales – Scratch “Cadete” & 7th Handicap

6th Lucia Morales – Handicap “Alevín”

7th Samuel Rodríguez – Handicap “Infantil”

8th Inés Jiménez – Scratch “Infantil” & 10th Handicap

8th Carlos Mendoza – Scratch “Infantil”

10th Daniel de la Serna – Scratch & Handicap “Benjamín”


For more information about this tournament of the "Circuito Benjamín & Juvenil", you can check the RFGA website


The Real Club de Golf Guadalmina gives its sincere congratulations to the champions and the rest of Guadalmina members who participated in Santa Clara.

Ganadores Cir Juvenil y Benja Santa Clara.jpg180526 Circuito Juvenil Santa Clara Golf Marbella.180526 Circuito Juvenil Santa Clara Golf Marbella.