Travel to Ireland to support Azahara at the

Sometimes in life we ​​have the opportunity to witness than a historical event.

Miss that opportunity almost always brings regret.

This September, a new chapter in her career  will be writen, from the  23rd  to 26th  participate at  the Solheim Cup in Ireland.

A group of Members have worked quickly and tirelessly to organize a trip to support her in those days so important, and of course, enjoy golf at the highest level in a competition which by its nature, makes us more unitted to all Europeans.

If you are interested in participating and witnessing this event just call the Agency JUMBO TOURS¡ Ana Soler
952374750 / 646975452

She will inform you about all details of the trip.

The initial budget is about 700 € per person to reserve one of the limited places a wire transfer is required  into the following account of JUMBO TOURS SL before Friday September 16


0081 – 5138 – 63 – 0001041113

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