The kids and Guadalmina. What a Pequecircuito!

More than 90 new and not so new talents of Andalusian golf met in our P & P course this past Sunday.


The atmosphere was undoubtedly the great protagonist of the day, full of smiles and joy of the little ones, who once again gave us a lesson in nobility and fellowship.


Thank you very much everyone for participating and congratulations to all the winners. Especially, our dear Angela Márquez, who won the category 10-11 years. Good performance also by Jaime Macias (5th in less than 8 years)


Thank you very much grandparents, parents, brothers and RFGA for accompanying and taking care of our kids and choosing this sport as a way of life for them.




PEQUECIRCUITO GUADALMINA 17-3-19.jpg170902 Pequecircuito Guadalmina.pdf170902 Pequecircuito Guadalmina.pdf