The Dinner Dance Gala in favour of A.E.C.C. fantastic evening at Guadalmina

TRADITIONAL GALA cancer: About five hundred people attended the solidarity event.

Around 500 people, more than 400 gifts donated for the raffle… The traditional Gala cancer resurfaces again gaining prominence after many, many years to be held in Marbella. It is one of the oldest galas that are held in the city, and although he had a few years of misfortune, it has returned this year with force. The presenters in this occasion were Ana García Lozano and Agustín Bravo, attended by faces, also known as the singer María José Santiago, Carmen Lomana, the model Verónica Hidalgo and María José Cantudo among others, businessmen of all nationalities, the Mayor of Marbella José Bernal, and above all many people wanting to work together for a good cause. The venue once again, the Real Club de Golf of Guadalmina, adorned for the occasion, which completely altruistic offered its facilities for the event, as well as collaborate on the organizational aspects with its staff. Its President in Marbella, Maika Pérez de Cobas was receiving the guests one one which enjoyed a welcome cocktail and a delicious dinner served by Antonio Campuzano from the Group Dantonela with the collaboration of the businessman Pedro pablo Lepanto and the help of students of Les Roches Marbella international hospitality school.

The Gala was enlivened by Jorge Hernan Baena, the Los Alpresa group and Los Bravos.

Guests enjoyed until late in the nigth.

The Real Club de Golf Guadalmina was again the perfect venue for this event, which is beginning to be known as the Gala in the summer of 2015 and that it has not begun.

Raised more than €100,000 handed over by Dª Maika Mrs. Isabel Oriol National President of the Spanish Association against Cancer.

In the picture José Bernal Major of Marbella with Maika Pérez de Cobas

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