Reservation System changes

Dear Members

Following an extensive review of the reservation system by the Board of Directors various problems for the members have been identified and a decision has been taken to find a solution. 



These changes are being done to improve the booking experience of members on a temporary basis while we await the installation of the new reservation system.


The two main problems that have been identified are:


– Reservations are made that are frequently not used – these reservations appear in the name of a member plus several guests


– Unjustified no-shows, often without prior notice


The following will be implemented on May 3rd to assist in solving these two problems:


1.- Reservations will open 3 days in advance (instead of one week)


2.- The reservation procedure is the same as the current one


3.- Reservations will be cancelled automatically by 10:00p.m. the day of the booking if the “guest” has not been replaced by the member who is going to use the reservation or the name of a genuine guest


4.- Changes can be made easily through the reservation system up to 10:00p.m the day the reservation is made.  Or alternatively through the Caddy Master  or a written note


5.- Any genuine guest names must be confirmed to the Caddy Master since the current system does not allow you to change it


6.- Reservations may be cancelled by the member without penalty up to 12:00 noon one day before the date of play


7.- Any no-show without justification and without notice to the Caddy Master will carry a sanction as established in the regulations which will be published on the Website


Board of Directors 

Real Club de Golf Guadalmina


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