Report about the Greens on the South

Dear Members Due to the different comments about the current situation with the greens on the South Course, specially holes 13, 14 and 16, We would like to inform you about the reasons ,what measurements have been adopted and how long we expect it will take to see our greens in the conditions that they have been through the year

We want also to inform, that since the first time we have had discussions both within the field Committee, and with subject matter experts, to take the right decision, to deal with the circumstances that have taken place in 2015. 

We would like to inform Members that the work schedule and maintenance planning of the Golf of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina courses, has been that we have been the same that we ha been using for several years successfully, however weather conditions this year have been exceptional, nevertheless we think that this situation is contained, and not worse.

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