RCG Guadalmina wins against Mijas

After having lost 10 : 6 against Sta Maria in the beginning of November, Guadalmina came back strongly with a 10 : 2 win against Mijas  on the 18th and 22 of November.

On the Guadalmina teams were playing Olaf Eie (capt.), Dan Morn, Peter Cullen, Jose Duarte, Pedro Irujo, Javier Perez de Leza, Claes Forsgaardh, Joe Llewellyn, Lennart Wiberg, Thomas Strandberg, Sten Olsson, John Mitchell, Kristian Bergland, Paco Guerrero, Per Zachrisson, Paco Canales, Stig Durlow, Mats Liss-Daniels, Lars Sahlin, Juan Rueda, Hans Kaiser.
The picture shows Peter Lawrence ( Mijas Captain) and Tom Amman on the first tee at Los Olivos together with Olaf Eie and Dan Morn from Guadalmina.
Over the year 47 different players from 9 nations have represented Guadalmina.
The Mijas match conludes the 2011 season with 8 wins and 3 losses ( Aloha, La Quinta and Sta Maria) . We have beaten Las Brisas, San Roque, Sotogrande, El Parador, Los Arqueros, El Paraiso, Atalaya and finally Mijas.
Over the more than 20 years the Mens Interclub (4BBB, matchplay) has been played, Real Club de Guadalmina has more wins than losses against 10 of the 11 clubs we presently are playing and consequently by many clubs considered the toughest opponent on the coast to beat.

interclub mijas.JPG