Our youngsters also know how to win at home

Last sunday we had the pleasure to host in the North Course the Juvenile and Benjamin Tour Zone 3 and the dominance of members of our Junior Academy School was crushing. In addition, participation was a success.

The locals exercised their favourite role wonderfully and finally we had up to 6 first places. From the Club, we want to congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants, who traveled from almost all points of the Community to play the tournament.


1st Alejandra Sánchez de la Fuente – Scratch Infantil

1st Álvaro Mueller-Baugmart – Scratch Cadete

1st Pablo Hidalgo – Handicap Infantil

1st Samuel Rodríguez – Handicap Alevin

1st Maria Aguilar – Handicap Cadete

1st Álvaro Mueller-Baugmart – Handicap Cadete

2nd David Waller – Scratch Cadete

2nd Ana Belén Morales – Handicap Cadete

2nd David Waller – Handicap Cadete

3rd Samuel Rodríguez – Scratch Alevin

3rd Ana Belén Morales – Scratch Cadete

3rd Samuel Ramirez – Handicap Alevin

3rd Lucia Morales – Handicap Alevin

3rd Jonah Fernandes – Handicap Cadete

3rd Alejandra Sánchez de la Fuente – Handicap Infantil

Circuito Zona 3 RCGG.jpg