Noemi Jimenez runner up in the European in Stonia after 8 holes of play off

Luna  Sobrón and Noemí Jiménez has proclaimed champion and runner up of Europe in the Estonian Golf Country Club, glorious culmination to four days of festival of Spanish golf, which has dominated in a tyrannical manner the competition from start to finish, also resolved through a spectacular playoff jump-off of 8 holes! After completing both tied to 278 hits at the end of the last round.

Seventy two holes of tension extended eight more, the effect of a colossal tiebreaker that neither wanted to give for an answer, a claw and an ambition that honors them deeply and which increases the dimension of his dual feat.

The Spanish representatives, in fact, stained tournament of intense color rojigualda from its early infancy, with Nuria Iturrios at the head of the table after the first round before giving witness to a Noemí Jiménez tremendously strong and effective, which already snapped its privileged position until the 18th hole of the last lap… false last rattle of the competition for that of that Luna Sobrón , forced the tie-break in the final minute.

Two consecutive birdies to start with, accompanied by a Noemí Jiménez bogey on the second hole – only smear in a perfect final round – produced an turn at the top of the classification, investing a few positions in the table that the Spaniard was right to redistribute in the 5th hole and mostly 6, when both papers were exchangedsecond consecutive birdie of Noemí Jiménez and bogey's Celine Boutier gave to Noemi the adavantage in the game.

From there there was only one color on the Greens Estonian Golf Country Club, the printed by the rabid March of the Spanish, a combination of unsurpassed hits that actually made the final day in a spectacular hand between Noemí Jiménez and Luna Sobrón hand, another prodigy of serenity, opportunity and good game captured with an exceptional return without failure 6 birdies scored on your card that led him, at breakneck speed, to dispute the playoff, where he returned to exhibit a solvency with the  irons.

Stress, uncertainty, spectacle, but Spanish triumph on all four sides, partitioned glory between Luna Sobrón, first and Noemí Jiménez, second, eight holes to certify names and positions in the history, that which says that Spanish golf, once, stands at the top.

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