Noemí Jiménez qualify in the LPGA

Noemí Jiménez has taken a new step in his career toward the American LPGA circuit. The Guadalmina golfer has played during the weekend the first phase of the qualifying to access the American circuit and the fact finishing in fourth place and qualifying for the second phase in October.

Noemí Jiménez is clear that next season she wants to be one of the new players of the American circuit and the Q-School is a very good start.

The past weekend was held at Mission Hills of Palm Springs (California) the first phase of the qualifying to enter the professional circuit of the LPGA, where there were best players in the world.

A total of 288 golfers plaued four rounds event in the Californian Course under Medal Play format. Noemi, as well as the rest of the candidates, aimed to conclude between the 60 first so access to the next qualifying stage, which will take place in October.

Noemí Jiménez signed two exceptional days and with 68 and 67 hits cards could sit or stand prominently among the three best candidates into the LPGA. Somewhat more irregular in the last two days of competition, Noemi concluded with 282 shots the same as Britain's Hayley Davis.