Interclub R.C.G. Guadalmina vs R.C.G Sotogrande


The prestigious annual match between Sotogrande and Guadalmina took place the 2nd and 13th of March. Again Guadalmina took home the victory winning 7: 5.

The picture shows the present and previous captains of Sotogrande, Bob Pinsent and John Prestwich respectively, together with Olaf Eie (Capt, Guadalmina) and Peter Cullen.

On the Guadalmina team were playing Lennart Wiberg, Juan Rueda, Herlov Langaard, Lars Torp, Paul Heaton, Joe Llewellyn, Kristian Bergland, Paco Guerrero, Sten Olsson, Jose Duarte, Miguel Gutierrez, Peter Cullen and Olaf Eie.

sotogrande 2012.jpg