Interclub R.C.G. Guadalmina vs Aloha Golf Club

After having lost against Aloha in 2010 and 2011, Guadalmina came back strongly 11th and 19th of  Jan 2012, winning 5,5 : 0,5 home and loosing 4,5 : 1,5 away, ie a total win of 7 : 5 to Guadalmina. The overall standings  against Aloha over 17 years are now 10 : 7 in favor of Guadalmina.

On the Guadalmina team were playing Paul Heaton, John Marry, Leam Tracey, Lars Sahlin, Stig Durlow, Kristian Bergland, Thomas Strandberg, Jose Duarte, Pedro Irujo, John Mitchell, Paco Guerrero, Angel Ibanez and Olaf Eie (capt).
The picture  shows the only winners from Guadalmina at Aloha : Pedro Irujo and Jose Duarte.

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112 110.JPGguadalmina aloha 2012.pdfguadalmina aloha 2012.pdf