Interclub Men vs Santa maría


The match was played at home on the Guadalmina South course and Guadalmina won 6:0 and played at Santa Maria where Guadalmina won 3½:2½ a total win for Guadalmina of 9½:2½. The team playing for Guadalmina consisted of Joe Llewellyn, Claes Forsgårdh, Dan Mörn, Ken Weights, Hans Kaiser, Jose Duarte, Gary Copmson, Aurelio Lora Gimenez, Sam Gardezi, Antonio Guerrero, John Marry, Kristian Bergland, Paco Guerrero, Peter Cullen, Michael Canty and Lars Torp (Capt.) – Both days were played in very fine weather and two golf courses in a very fine shape.

It was the 15th year the two clubs met in this competition and the accumulated result is 9½ wins for Guadalmina and 5½ for Santa Maria. – The photograph shows the trophy being handed over to the happy Guadalmina Captain, Lars Torp.