Interclub men vs Mijas



On the 19th November the two clubs played at Guadalmina South course in a very fine shape, where Guadalmina won 5:1. – The return march was played on Friday the 22nd at Mijas "new" Los Lagos. The course was very nice and impressive with water in play on most holes. The Guadalmina team managed, in spite of the course being new to the Guadalmina players, to win 3½ : 2½. A total win for Guadalmina of 8½ : 3½. The weather at Guadalmina was perfect, but it looked like rain at Mijas up to the very morning of the return match, but the weather turned out to be perfect golf weather. The Guadalmina team was, Ken Weights, Ronan Maguire, Lennart Wiberg, Joe Llewellyn, Krisatian Bergland, Peter Collen, Dan Mörn, Theo v. Ravenstein, Claes Forsgårdh, Lars Sahlin, Olaf Eie, Paco Montes and Lars Torp (Capt.)

It is the 18th year the two clubs competed in this match and the accumulated result is 10½ : 7½ in favor of Guadalmina.

The photograph shows Dan Mörn and Peter Cullen from Guadalmina by the impressive landmark of Los Lagos at Mijas Club de go