Incredible results at Medina Elvira ( Granada )

Our Junior Section is used to win in many competitions , but what happned last Saturday April 2nd at Medina Elvira was close to perfection:

Out of 14 players we managed to come back with 9 trophies, and some scores were amazing.

Haiko Dana Campeón Boys 69 shots

Natalia Ruiz Pavon Subcampeona Girl 78 shots

Antonio Cruz – Conde Campeón Cadete Masculino 69 shots

Laura M. Gómez Campeona Cadete Femenina 72 shots

Ángel Hidalgo Portillo Campeón Infantil 72 shots

Lucía Jiménez Campeona Infantil 75 shots

Mónica Ruiz Campeona HCP Infantil 79 shots

Lukas Pany Campeón Benjamín Masculino

Elena Pany Campeona HCP Benjamín Femenino


logo sin fechas.JPGmedina elvira 2011.pdfmedina elvira 2011.pdf