On the 15th and 16th of August, as a climax to the week of the Club, took place the TEAM Championship of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, sponsored for the second consecutive year by the company CONSTRUCCIONES HEZASA, company that has performed the works of improvement recently completed, in the words of its Director General D. Salvador Hernández Zapata… For our company has been proud to sponsor this tournament, and share with the members of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina this day, we hope that after months of work the result will be the satisfaction of all members, from our company we have made every effort to carry the works with the highest levels of quality, and hope you will enjoy your new facilities.

This time the number of teams for the general category was 22 and in the OPEN category six.

After two days of competition the best score on the General Category was from the team formed by. Miguel Medina Alvarez, Francisco Tejedor Torroba, Marta Susino and Luis Ugarte Rebollo, as they were not able to credit four cards valid for handicap could not collect the prize that passed into the hands of the second ranked team. José Duarte, Aurelio Lora Jiménez, Pedro Ortega Gil and Gonzalo Villalba Merchán.

In second place the team formed by Minoo Gazdar Richard Pou Pirone, Alberto Llobregat and Alain Nucera, who had finished with the third best result and then the team formed by Sebastian Peña García, Alberto Fresno Sunday Pedro Atienza Medina and Francisco Sánchez Peña closing honor roll the fifth ranked team who picked up the four trophy, Antonio Guerrero Amador José María Barrena Enríquez Juan Ortega Gil and Antonio Gil Gil

The same circumstance the second team in the OPEN category, could not prove that all its components had four individual scores to validate their handicaps, so the third won the trophy destinated to the second place in the OPEN category.

The order of merit in this category was like last year, the team formed by Sara Navarro, Antonio Cruz – Conde, Luis Mansilla Jiménez and Andrés Tamayo Bautista, which retuviero the award certifying them as the best team in the 28 participants

In second position was team formed by Juan and Pablo Krauel, Ángel Gancedo and Rafael Bohorquez Hafner, who could not receive his award by the circumstances mentioned above, passing the third team to receive the award for the second, the team formed by Calvin Greshner, Leonardo Lilja Noemi Jiménez and Haiko Dana.

hezasa.JPG140816 Fotos Cpto Equipos.pdf140816 Fotos Cpto Equipos.pdf