Guadalmina Vs SantaMaría

Guadalmina also beat Sta Maria 8,5 : 3,5 on their 14th event on the 16th and 27th of Nov. Over the years Guadalmina is now in the lead by 8,5 : 5,5.

On the Guadalmina team were playing: Theo van Ravenstein, Olaf Eie (capt.), Paco Guerrero, Dan Mørn, Paul Heaton, Peter Cullen, Antonio Guerrero,, Paco Canales, Kristian Bergland, Antonio Gil Gil, Claes Forsgaardh, Ken Weights, John Marry, Lars Torp.

The picture below shows Claes Forsgaardh handing over flowers to the resigning captain Olaf Eie after 5 years as Interclub Captain. The new captain as of Jan. 1st is Lars Torp.

contra santamaria 2.JPG