Guadalmina back to its normal stage

Thanks to the great job carried out by our Course Staff, at Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, with our Head Green Keeper Marcos Araujo leading them, we have witnessed to what has been called , by many people "almost a miracle".

Only two weeks ago we witnessed the demolishing efects of  the more than 300 litres per square metre of rain, over the courses in the area, not only the North and the South courses , and in a minor way the Pitch & Putt Course.

Today we are preparing ourselves to host the fourth consecutive edition in our Club of the Copa de Andalucía W.R.Q. , the 90 best players, with a handicap limit of 0,1, which will wive you an idea of the quality of golfers forming the field.

They will have to deal with fast greens and the course prepared to this event by our maintenance team.

We are waiting to see if one of our Members, participating in the competition will be in the last day fighting for the victory.