It seems that all weekends our member achieve some extraordinary sporting success.  After I wrote to you about the ones from the Spanish Championships Under-14 last week, I write to you again now, as during these past few days in the Championship of Andalusia Men and Women most trophies have gone to our club. Congratulations to:

Laura Gómez:  Andalusian Champion 2015

Andrés Tamayo and Ángel Hidalgo:  Andalusian Champion Doubles 2015

Ángel Hidalgo:  Andalusian Runner-Up Champion 2015

Lukas Pany:  Andalusian Champion Handicap 2015

Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart: Andalusian Champion 2nd Category

And last week could also congratulate our school pro Ruben Holgado for becoming Runner-Up Champion of Professionals of Andalusia, after a hard fight for the title on the 3rd hole of the play-off.

This weekend now we celebrate the Andalucía Under-14 Championship in our club and the following is the U21 Championship Andalusia in Almeria. Wish luck to our players to continue to play with the same success and hopefully I'll be writing to you again next week.




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