Golf Courses report

The appearance of the courses North and South respond to the type of grass that we have “Bermuda”, which turns brown with the low winter temperatures, and it will be greener again with wormer temperatures

Last Autumn , after six years over seeding with winter
grass ( RYE GRASS) we decided NOT to over seed
We expect that this will improve the growth of the
Bermuda Grass, with less competence.
The greener grass on the fairways, are rest of previous years over seeding and poa, we have used chemical products to kill these winter grasses and will disappear in April and May
This treatment will have an effect on the appearance of the fairways, as the Rye Grass and the Poa will turn brown and die, but with the mowing we will present an even playing surface.
After the treatment together with a fertilizing
program the fairways will show a good aspect
by the end of May
Playability of the course should not be affected
by these works
We regret the inconveniences but feel sure that
after few weeks we all appreciate the improvements.

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