Enormous 2nd place of Azahara Muñoz in Hawaii … and much more!

As we told you two weeks ago after the Ana Inspiration http://www.guadalminagolf.com/noticias/noticias.php?id=681&num_pag=0  Aza is playing as the one who invented this sport: just amazing! The victory will come. This week has returned to be very close, finished 2nd solo after shooting the best card in the final round (67), just behind the young Canadian Brooke Henderson. The sampedreña did not finish 2nd in a LPGA tournament since February 2014.


Our most sincere congratulations, Azahara.


With the presence of Azahara in Hawaii, there were 8 tournaments with representation of Guadalmina (historical data). And, as always, there were outstanding performances:


Spanish Open: Ángel Hidalgo missed the cut by 3 shots but managed to play under par, fighting until the end. It was his first tournament in the European Tour and it seemed like it was one more. Congrats to the winner Jon Rahm and all those who made it possible for this Spanish Open  to be a resounding success. Results:




Interautonómico Under-16: 4th place for the andalusian team (50% of the members of the team were guadalmina guys; Lukas Pany, Alejandro James Chacón and Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart) http://www.rfegolf.es/Lists/Resultados/Attachments/5049/Resultados%20Finales%201%C2%AA%20Div.pdf


Copa Federación Riojana: Alejandra Sanchez de la Fuente 4th Under-16 file:///C:/Users/competicion/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/1PBOG2KK/Clasificaci%C3%B3n-Final-Copa-Femenina.pdf


Puntuable Córdoba: Elena Pany 2nd Absolute Scratch http://www.nextcaddy.com/tour/24601 Rebeca Fernández 4th and Heribert Pany 4th Handicap.


Gran Premio Benjamín Isla Canela: Top 10 in Scratch Category by Aitor Macías, Daniel de la Serna and Samuel Love. And Top 5 by Aitor Macías in Handicap Category http://www.nextcaddy.com/tour/26399


Gran Premio Alevín Isla Canela: Top 10 in Handicap Category by Lucía Morales: http://www.nextcaddy.com/tour/24615


Interclubs Andalucía P&P: Guadalmina 3rd http://www.nextcaddy.com/tour/25463


Thank you so much everyone for leaving the Club in such a good place, regardless of the result.