D. Ángel de la Riva President of R.F.A.G.

The Commission Electoral of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation has proclaimed today President of the R.F.G.A. to  Angel of the Riva Gómez. The General Assembly – the evening of Friday 28 March at the headquarters of the federative entity – elected him on first ballot and by an absolute majority, with 34 votes of 58 participants.

After two years of electoral process, the Andalusian golf begins a new stage on which the President declared: "is time to add and look to the future with greater hope. We have a beautiful task, a great responsibility that we assume happy and many, many projects, I am convinced, we will know how to bring to reality.

The new Board of Directors will settle over the next few days and immediately is then held a General Assembly for the adoption of the calendar of tournaments and budgets.

In addition, will be offered public information all levels and media presenting guidelines for the year 2014 and the legislature plans to members of the Board of Directors, projects, budgets,