Challenge to announcement of Candidature

Dear Members:

In compliance with the Electoral Rules of our Club, we report that the Electoral Committee has received one challenge to its last announcement, within the period that was given. This objection is based on the fact that the Electoral Committee has not expressly offered to Members the opportunity to submit Candidatures for the current Elections. The Electoral Committee has decided to sustain the challenge.

For this reason, we expressly invite Members to submit their candidatures during a period of seven days (excluding today), by doing so in writing to the Electoral Committee.

We also inform Members that the Secretary of the Electoral Committee has stood down, as he is one of the Candidates. Therefore, the Electoral Committee has appointed Mr Peter Gavrell as new Secretary.



8 de Febrero de 2015 / February, 2015




Presidente del Comité Electoral

President of the Electoral Committee.


Secretario del Comité Electoral.

Secretary of the Electoral Committee. 

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