Cafeteria renovation

Dear members

After several months of deliberation, and once the agreement on all aspects of the negotiation, between Guadalmina Golf s.a. and Dantonela´s Group has been reached, we are pleased to inform you that starting on MONDAY May 22,  will start the remodeling works of the CAFETERÍA by the ground floor at the  Club House.

The fundamental work of this reform, is to provide modern infrastructures adapted to the highest levels of exigency in the kitchen area, improving, in a very important way, all the elements of cool and conservation, including the construction of a “cold-room” , which will allow the elaboration of dishes in a more efficient way, also will be built a dressing room for the staff by the old laundry.

At the same time we will carry out a renovation of most of the industrial machinery in the kitchen by the cafeteria.

These works will take 2 months, and therefore must end next July 22nd , during the work the staff of the Dantonela´s Group,  will continue offering their service in the UPPER FLOOR  RESTAURANT, Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 am until service is required.

We would like you to understand that these measures have some drawbacks which cannot be eliminated, and we appeal to your understanding and patience during these eight weeks.

We are sure that sometimes in the future days circumstances may occur and they will be a real test to your our patience, we only ask for your collaboration and understanding, in the hope that soon we will be in a position to offer our best level of attention.

Real Club de Golf Guadalmina