Borja Etchart wins at Guadalmina the ALPS DE ANDALUCIA

Borja has today signed their first victory of a season that had hovered this post up on six occasions, and has been in Guadalmina, accompanied by its President who made his Caddy – as it did in its victory at the Peugeot of Atalaya in 2009, and has done so with 9 birdies and 2 bogeys for 65 shots and a total of 16 under par.

"At last! -repeated Etchart at the end – I finally got it, it has taken but it has finally arrived. It has been a hard but fun day I think that often that I most enjoyed in a stellar game. In no time I felt nerves, nor on the first hole, and that it was all very tight. Nino has made a crucial birdie to go out with tension to play 18.

Nino took advantage at the beginning of the game, but I knew that there were still many holes with options. 5 birdies in six holes (4, 5, 6, 7 and 9)?. To tell you the truth I have not come to even notice, my strategy has been to go hole-to-hole shot after shot and it worked. I've noticed more consistency off the tee and I my putt was phenomenal. Shots with draw I played them well and yet to the fade, that there are some in this course I suffered a bit, but I've not got into trouble.

I'm now back to the level of play was when I came to the Tour. My swing is again of life thanks to the work I'm doing with Salva Luna and I would like to return to the Tour. I'll never hit 300 meters and not will I get in my life, but I think it is important to be well-head to get to the Tour, to my I came very soon.

It was a nice day, I enjoyed a lot and is a wonder to win against Bertasio, a great player".

The Frenchman Clément Berardo has finished with 65 hits to climb to second place with a total of 15 under par; Nino Bertasio concluded the tournament with 66 shots – 14 under and said: "I have it tried but Borja played very well, I didn't deserve to win and he has deserved it".

Five Spaniards in the top 10

Very worthy has also been the work of Gerard Piris who finished in 5th place with a total of 11 under par after signing 67 hits; Gabriel Cañizares has finished with 68 hits for – 10 on 6th position; and on 9th tied Jaime Camargo and Marcos Pastor with 9 under par.

Six direct players to the PQ2

After the 13th test of the Alps Tour, Nino Bertasio continues top position in the order of merit and Borja Etchart has climbed to the second. 3rd is Clement Berardo, 4th Thomas Elissalde and Borja Virto has climbed to 5th place at the mercy of his performance in the Alps of Andalusia. Brendan McCarroll, winner of the Peugeot Open has completed the list of 6 players who, for his good performance in the Alps Tour exempted dispute the PQ1 on the European Tour and have qualified directly for the PQ2.

Very special day for the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina

At the same time that enjoyed Borja Etchart and its Spanish victory at the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina Guadalmina, Noemí Jiménez, Member of Real Club de Golf Guadalmina played a thrilling play-off Championship European Amateur women in Estonia, and finished second, after eight holes of play off.