Benjamin, Alevín and Infantil Aldalusian Champioship

Pedro Marín, Carmen Belmonte, Daniel Casas, Evelina Stanikova, Álvaro Gómez de Linares and Andrea Revuelta were proclaimed champions in their categories

The international championships, Benjamin, Alevín and Infantil of Andalusia – which took place in the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina on two consecutive days and under stroke play mode scratch – have concluded today with the victories of Pedro Marín and Carmen Belmonte in category children, Daniel Casas and Evelina Stanikova in Alevin and Álvaro Gómez of Linares and Andrea Revuelta in Benjamin.

Starting with the category male infantil, Pedro Marín – from Real Club de Golf Sotogrande – has today proclaimed champion after beating in play off player from Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, Antonio Pina, after completing both with a cumulative total of 152 shots.

As for the female Infantil category, the player of the Club de Campo de Córdoba, Carmen Belmonte, manage to maintain her obtained during her first day thanks to a first round of 73 shots , which has today joined other 72, for a total of 145. , the player from La Cañada, Mimí Rhodes, won the runner-up with 149 hits.

Category Alevin, male classification to victory has been Daniel Casas (Benalmadena Golf), which has defended the first position which already obtained the first round with 75 shots, signing a round of 74 and thus retaining the title which already got last year. The silver, with four strokes of difference, has been for Miguel Krowicki.


Our player of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, Evelina Stanikova has achieved victory in category female Benjamin, with two rounds of 74 and 78 hits, to 152 the total, while Marta López (Playa Serena) has remained in the second, with a total of 159 hits.

In the Benjamin, The player from Lauro Golf, Álvaro Gómez de Linares, has remained at the top of the male classification and won the Championship with a total of 78 hits. Víctor Leiva (Guadalhorce Golf Club) followed in second place with just one shot of difference.

Andrea Revuelta, for its part, has also retained the first place from the first day and has been proclaimed champion with 92 hits. After her, Cristina Albertazzi (Villa Padierna), was in second place with a total result of 100 shots.

This are also results from our Junior Academy in the TOP 10

  • Alexander Amey,  3º Scratch Benjamín
  • Alberto Sánchez de la Fuente, 3º Hdcp Benjamín
  • Alejandra Sánchez de la Fuente,  4ª Scratch Alevín
  • Alejandro Chacón,  3º Scratch Alevín
  • Elena Pany,  5ª Scratch Infantil
  • Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart,  6º Scratch Infantil
  • Lukas Pany,  8º Scratch Infantil
  • Noah Fernandes, 7º Handicap Infantil

We would like to thank the Caddy Master Staff for their collaboration in the organisation of the tournament, to our Green keeper for the state of the courses, to all Members for supporting the Competition and this type of events, so important for our kids.

In the picture Evelina Stanikova , receiving her trphy from Mr. Ángel de la Riva , Presidente R.F.G.A.

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