Annual Report Men Section Interclub

Captains Report covering the Men´s Interclub matches for 2014 R.C.G.Guadalmina.


During the year 2014 we played a total of 10 clubs away and at home, a total of 20 matches. One (Sotogrande) was postponed till January 2015 due to bad weather. 2014 was a very good year for Guadalmina with 8 wins against El Paraiso, Atalaya, San Roque, Los Arqueros, La Quinta, El Parador, Mijas and Santa Maria, 1 lost to Aloha, and 1 halved with Las Brisas. Since we had the Las Brisas trophy from last year, we have 9 out of 10 possible trophies in our trophy showcase. This is a new record, which ranks us at the top of the Interclub Clubs on Costa del Sol.


I have obviously tried to the best of my ability finding teams good enough to win as many matches as possible, as I trust any Captain of any sport team Worldwide has as his task and goal. – However I consider our matches not only being a tournament, which we must win at any cost. I set our team with some good players, who always deliver a result, but also give new players a chance to play. I mix nationalities and consider languages, which makes conversation during the game and during the lunch possible. The matches should not be golf only, but also a social event, at which our opponents can look back with joy, and remember the day at R.C.G. Guadalmina as a “day out” with a good spirit, nice, friendly company, good laughs, good food and beverage.


We are 12 players at each match, and had a total of 42 different players from 10 different nations playing for Guadalmina. I want to take this opportunity to thank these 42 fine players for participating, and last but not least Ignacio for very good collaboration and for making this extraordinary season  for R.C.G.Guadalmina and increase our reputation within the Interclub teams at Costa del Sol possible.


It is a real pleasure for me to welcome Miguel Gutierrez as Vice-Captain for our Interclub Team effective from 1st January 2015. – Miguel’s involvement is a step in the right direction for our team. I am looking forward to be working together with Miguel, who I consider not only a good golfer, who always “deliver”, but also a good friend and a gentleman widely respected within our team players, our opponents and our administration.


December 31st  2014, Lars Torp

Captain of R.C.G.Guadalmina, Interclub Team