Call Ordinary General Meeting Guadalmina Golf s.a.

The administrator has resolved to convene an Ordinary Shareholders Meeting to be held, in Marbella, at the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina Club Hose Urb. Guadalmina Alta San Pedro Alcántara Málaga, on December 9th 2020 , at 12:00 hours at first notice and where applicable, at second notice on December 10th at the same time and place

GGSA Extraordinary General Meeting

July 1st 2020, will be remembered in the history of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, with the importance of other significant dates, such as July 12th 1959, Official Opening date or November  17th 2008, when HH. King Juan Carlos I, granted our Club with the Title of Real.

After more than five years of negotiations, and with the almost unanimous support of 53.91% of the shareholders, with only two partial votes against, was approved the modification of articles 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the Statutes of Guadalmina Golf sa , offering the GGSA a more manageable Statutes, especially with regard to quorums, and the possibility of modifying, if considered, the Governing Body, it was also approved the  amortization of the 711 shares purchased in 2019.

During the Assembly, Martinsa Fadesa in Liquidation s.a. resigned as Sole Administrator of the GGSA, and the appointment of Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Piña was unanimously approved to occupy said position, for a period of five years.

After the Assembly, the 305 shares assigned to new shareholders were signed, from this moment and until October 31, 2020, they may ratify the purchase in the Notary of their choice,

If they wish they can also go to the Notary of D. José Andújar Hurtado, ( click here for more info ) located in the Avenida de Salamanca s / n Semiesquina with, Calle Agricultura or José Urbano, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, by phone call with previous appointment to 951 419 000 or through email

Health and safety measurements for COVID were strictly observed as you can see in the picture.


La Junta Directiva                           GUADALMINA GOLF S.A.

Real Club de Golf Guadalmina            Administrador Único



New date for the Guadalmina Golf s.a. EGM

Dear Members and Shareholders;


As you know, in Spain we had a different de-escalation plan for each territory as a consequence of the COVID crisis19, and this has made impossible to warranty inter-provincial travelling.


This limitation discouraged the celebration of the JGE de Guadalmina Golf s.a. on June 1st  and 2nd , dates of the previous extension, for the JGE, which as you recall initially had been called for on April 22nd  and 23rd .


That is why, given the information Spanish Government´s Plans , which points to the last days of June as the date on which 100% of the national territory will be in the same phase, and even close to the "new normal" , therefore the sole Administrator of Guadalmina Golf sa has decided to propose the holding of the General Shareholders' Meeting of Guadalmina Golf s.a. on June 30th  and July 1st , in the same place and at the same hours as the previous two calls.


We take this opportunity to thank the Shareholders who have already delegated their vote to someone they trust, especially for the importance of this Assembly.

Postponed to June 1st and 2nd Extraordinary General Meeting GGSA of Apri 22nd andl 23rd

Dear Shareholders;


As you can see , due t the COVID 19  w ehave decided to postponed the Extraordinary General Meeting to JUne 1st and 2nd.

In the ANNEXD DOCUMENT, you may download the Proxy vote for the  Extraordinary General Meeting of Guadalmina Golf s.a.

It is very important , if you believe that you will not be able to attend the Assembly, you may delegate your vote to any shareholder or person you trust

Once again thank you very much for your collaboration

Guadalmina Golf s.a.

Miguel Angel Gutierrez Piña

Sole Administrator