Report about the Courses maintenance

Dear members

From the Course Committee we would like to inform you about the most relevant upcoming projects:

This year 2022 we have concluded the plan to renew the mowing machinery for the and maintenance of the course, we have organized the work plan, made some training courses for the employees and systematized the order, maintenance and cleaning of the maintenance shed.

The aim has been to reduce time requiered for mowing of tees, fairways, greens and bunkers from 5h to 3h so that this work can be finished by 10h in the morning. Besides improving the work performance, this should partly avoid any inconvenience for players

From 10 a.m. onwards, the team has to focus on mowing the rough and improving the course. 

The objective is being achieved.

The irrigation system on the North Course is made of fibre cement, it is out of date, we have many breakdowns and it is urgent to renovate it.

This year we will shortly begin with the renovation of the pumping station, which includes the renovation of the building located on the 18th hole and all the pumps and systems required. We also need to dig a trench to bring pipes from hole 6 to the pump house.

I hope we will not cause too much inconvenience.

In 2023 we plan to renovate all the pipes, valves and sprinklers in the first nine holes. This work will take four months, during which time we will have to close the course.

We will take advantage of this closure to renew the grass on the greens because they are invaded by lawn and it is impossible to maintain a consistent speed on each green, especially in spring and summer. 

We are aware of the inconvenience that this will cause to members, but it is necessary to renew the irrigation system and we are sure that members will appreciate the substantial improvements to the greens.

In 2024 we plan to carry out the same irrigation renovation and improvement of the greens on holes 10 to 18 of the North Course. 

As soon as we have the exact dates of each action we will publish them in a newsletter to all members.

Best regards