Summer Camp 2023

Dear Parents:

Please be informed that the RCG Guadalmina Golf School has planned an Intensive Golf Camp for the summer when your children are on holiday.

The details of this camp are as follows:

Registrations will be made through the club’s Caddie Master.

  • Dates:
  • JULY:            Monday 03 July to Friday  July 28 2023
  • Dates:
  • AUGUST:       Monday July 31 to Friday  September 1 2023.

Timetable: From 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Dress code: Students participating in the camp should wear polo shirts, long or short trousers, golf shoes or sports shoes with flat soles.



– 230 euros per week.

– If several of your children/ grandsons attend the camp, the first child will pay the full price and the second and subsequent children will have each of them 10% discount 207 euros.


– 250 euros per week. despite if there are one or more grandsons.


– 280 euros per week.despite if there are one or more child non member.

If you would like more information about this course or wish to register, please do not hesitate to contact the management of the School, Juan Andrés Infante Gil , by telephone on 952 88 65 22  or by e-mail at

Yours sincerely                                                         

The Teaching Team