Felipe Barrena – Andalusian Champion Sub-14

Congratulations to Felipe Barrena who became Andalusian Champion Sub-14 in Atalaya this afternoon. With a spectacular round of 5 under par yesterday and another 2 over today, Felipe won the title with a 3-stroke lead. In the Benjamin category (Sub-10), Alberto Sánchez de la Fuente won the Handicap category award in his first championship on a long course. Well done!  Also worth highlighting three Top 10  in the Benjamin category:  Alex Amey (5th), Pablo Hidalgo (9th) and Alberto (10th), 3 Top 10 in the Alevins (Sub-12): Alvaro Mueller-Baumgart (3rd), Alejandro Chacon (5th) and Nasha Manzari (8th).  Congratulations to all!