Laura Gómez winner at Pineda Sevilla

Last weekend at Real Club Pineda de Sevilla Laura Gómez won the Campeonato de Sevilla.

Laura had 73 shots the first day, out of them 37 putts, and an incredible 67 the second, for a total of 140 , twelve shots ahead the runner up Sara Navarro.

Her Father , Casto Gómez, said : she could have done an icredible score, as she managed to play almost every hole under regulation, but greens were like crystal.

It is not confirmed jet, but apparently 67 is course record , from blue at Real Club Pineda de Sevilla.

Congratulation Laura, and best luck to you and the rest of the Guadalmina team next weekend at Hacienda Riquelme in Murcia

See picture in the attached information