Francisco Hernandez responsible of the Club Junior Section

Dear Members:
By agreement of the Board, dated October 10 it was decided that Francisco Hernandez Núñez will be responsible for the  Management of the Junior School of Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, with the assistance of Ms. Nina Digsmed as a Junior Delegate of the Competition Committee.

On the other side from the Board would like to thank D. Castor Gomez for the work to be performed during the time he has held this position.


Starting next weekend, lessons to students in the School will be shared between D. Francisco Hernández Núñez and his son Fran, who will be mainly dedicated to teach children without national handicap.

In the future, Nina Francisco Hernández Núñez Digsmed, in collaboration with the Administration staff will coordinate both the tournaments to be held in the Club, and the Tournament where players may represent the  Real Club de Golf Guadalmina in  both Spanish and Andalusian Federations calendar.


Francisco and Nina will be responsible to elaborate next year calendar in agreement wtih the Competition Committee.


From these lines we we wish the best for Francisco, and we expect that the good results of the past will be maintained, at the same time The Board of Director would like to thank Castor Gómez for all the time he has dedicated and his good work carried out.