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Summary of the 2022 Golfing Week Real Club de Golf Guadalmina

Summary of the 2022 Golfing Week Real Club de Golf Guadalmina

Once again, the "Semana Grande" of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina was held from August 15 to 21.

This week, full of golf tournaments, provides a great summer meeting point for all the members and friends of the Club.


In this edition, the records of participation were beaten, with respect to previous editions, with 820 players participating, from the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina we would like to emphasize that all the members who wished to participate have played, allowing space for some members' guests as well.


This year we have welcomed new sponsors, who have replaced previous years, and have certainly lived up to expectations.


- Wilson has been the sponsor of Monday's competition, with 178 entries and has contributed in making the Team Tournament edition of the tournament shine.

- Grupo Estévez and Pedro Nieto for Tuesday's Scramble, which gathered 188 players, who enjoyed the excellence of Iberian products and La Guita manzanilla.

- UPS Elevadores, which celebrated its tenth anniversary, and which gathered 122 participants from 10 to 80 years old.

- The Delicias Gourmet group, which "delighted" the participants of Thursday's event, matching the registration of Tuesday's tournament with 188 participants.


The team championship brought together 36 teams who enjoyed the magnificent state in which the South course of Guadalmina was presented.


At the end of the awards ceremony, the members and their friends enjoyed a pleasant evening.


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