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Temporary suspension Bridge Monday and Friday

Temporary suspension Bridge Monday and Friday

Dear Members

After a trial period of four months, with the Bridge Tournament Director Roy Mono, I must sadly report that Roy has informed us of his decision to suspend this activity.  This is due to the small number of our members who attended the Monday and Friday Bridge, which did not justify his efforts.
The Board of Directors improved the facilities, providing a TV to be used with live scoring software, improving the appearance of the room and thanks to the efforts made by some members, also the decoration.  But the truth is that there are not enough members to maintain this activity.
The Bridge Room will remain open for those members who wish to use it, expanding its use to other card disciplines, such as Canasta, Mus ... etc..
With respect to bridge, the necessary material to play a game, betting boxes, cards ... etc. must be provided by the players.
The Board of Directors will continue working to find a solution, within the policy of the use of the facilities: exclusively for members, or for their guests upon payment of the guest fees published by the Board.


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