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Summary of the Board´s first month

Summary of the Board´s first month

Dear Members. -

One month ago, I was ratified as President of the Board of Directors, and I would like to inform you about some of the main issues that the Board has been working on.


First of all, I would like to thank you for the expressions of support that you have showed to us from the first moment, both to me and to the rest of the Board.


It has been a short time, but I am sure that you already appreciate the actions that they have been developing for the Club so far, and I guarantee that they are only small details of what will be developed in the future.


During this first month we already sent several communications from the Directors and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the most important issues:


  • Reservation system. -

In this section we reiterate that we are going to implement a new program, correcting problems detected in the current one, which will allows us to improve the tee time management.

In charge of this task is Ms. Rosaleen Cunningham, who is doing a great job and we look forward to getting an implementation plan before the summer.


  • Courses State. -

From the first moment we are working on all aspects of both courses, as we are convinced that if we must take great care of the aesthetics and present both courses in perfect condition.

On the other hand, we know, that if we are more attentive to details, Members will be more involved and be willing to help the maintenance staff.

In this role, the person in charge is Mr. Juan Ignacio Egaña, who is also preparing other improvement projects, which will be presented shortly.


  • Competition and school committee. -

Our concern in this area is to optimize as much as possible the use of the courses in both internal and external competitions.  We are trying to ensure that all Members have more opportunities to play. This Committee is chaired by Mr. Peru Alonso

Mr. Alejandro Ponce de León looks after the school and he is making great efforts to balance this activity with the rest of the Competitions.


  • Exclusive area for members. -

Creation of an exclusive member´s area, over 16 years of age.

After several negotiations with the leaser, we have reached an agreement to open the member’s area on April 15th on the first floor of the club.

Mr. Kjell Karlsen is responsible for this task and we feel sure that members will enjoy this new area.


  • Financial. -

In this section, Mr. Cyril O`Mahony is analyzing the processes to manage both expenses and investments of the club in depth, and is working toward implementing a spending culture that improves our costs more efficiently.

As a Board of Directors we are committed to the management of the Club and I would like to inform all members that we are working very hard to bring our Club to the place it deserves and with your support we are sure that will achieve it.


Our goal is to have a MEMBER´S CLUB FOR IT´S MEMBERS.

My wish and that of the rest of Board Members, is to give you regular information about the activities that we working on so that you can follow the progress and we are always ready to listen to your opinions



Manuel Muñoz Navarro


Real Club de Golf Guadalmina


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