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WORLD GUINESS RECORD - Belgian star Thomas Detry breaks the Guiness World Record of the Fastest Hole of Golf

WORLD GUINESS RECORD - Belgian star Thomas Detry breaks the Guiness World Record of the Fastest Hole of Golf

On June 25th, the 10th hole of the North Course dressed up to receive the stars of the European Tour. Thomas Detry, Paul Dunne, Sean Crocker and Guido Migliozzi were trying to break the record of the fastest played hole in history, so far in the hands of a former student of the Club School, Rubén Holgado (1 min. 33 sec.) , who, in addition, was invited by the European Tour to witness the "show".


The rules of the attempt dictated that the par five had to play a minimum of 500 yards with each player required to finish the hole carrying the same number of clubs they started with. A test of fitness, stamina, golfing ability and mental strength.


After more than 2 hours, the afternoon began to fall and the alarms sounded: no one could excel Ruben and the players began to be exhausted. Until Detry launched a 322-yard bomb, put his heart and soul into the race and managed to finish the hole in 1 minute and 29 seconds. GORGEOUS!


It was a fantastic day and we are very proud to have been at the epicenter of European golf for a moment.


Click on this LINK to see the full video.


We also attach unpublished images that we made during the event.

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