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Bronze medal for the Spanish team in the World Championship

Bronze medal for the Spanish team in the World Championship

Last week we told you in this news that Ángel Hidalgo was going to represent Spain in what was probably going to be his last big amateur tournament. And how do the big guys say goodbye? Like a champions.


The Andalusian Ángel Hidalgo and Víctor Pastor and Alejandro del Rey from Madrid have achieved bronze in the World Teams Championship with a cumulative of -36, just 3 shots behind Denmark and 2 behind the US. It is the 4th Spanish team in the history of this competition that enters the medal table, after the bronzes of 1996 and 2014 and the silver of 2004.


Although Angel has contributed very much in the 3rd place of Spain with rounds of PAR, -3, -6 and 1 under par, the big star was Alejandro del rey with a spectacular result of -23, thus achieving the individual victory.


If you want to know how the boys felt after the day, watch this video.


We do not forget the great week of Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart (5th) in the Spanish International Under 18 held in La Cañada, the 7th position of Azahara Muñoz in the French Open and the Top 20 achieved by Noemi Jiménez also in France.


Results World Team Championship

Results Spanish International Under 18

Results French Open


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