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Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart, runner-up in the U-16 Spanish Champ

Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart, runner-up in the U-16 Spanish Champ

Joseba Torres, nephew of the Masters winner, Jose María Olazábal, was the only one capable of making fewer shots last week than Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart in Font del Llop during the last Spanish Championship REALE U-16. Regularity in pure state for the young promise of the Club: 76-76-75.


This great performance only confirms its excellent state of form. Champion of the Barbésula Trophy in La Cañada, National Puntuable Champion in Hacienda Riquelme, Scratch Champion Youth Circuit in Guadalmina ... and, now, this 2nd place in the Spanish Championship.


Superb, Alvaro!


Check the results here.

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