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3rd place of Noemí Jiménez in the “LETAS”

3rd place of Noemí Jiménez in the “LETAS”

Yes, it's the Let Acces Series (European 2nd division) but this 3rd place is worth a lot. As you know, Noemí could not maintain the category last year in the Ladies European Tour but she has a conditional card (she can play some tournaments) and this year she combines both circuits. The goal is clear: either to do very well in the LET tournaments and keep the card, or to earn the rights via LETAS being up in the rankings at the end of the year.


And at the moment things do not look bad; 3rd place in "Terre Blanche Ladies Open" in the 1st tournament of the season in the satellite circuit, after signing rounds of 69 and 72.


Next stop, Morocco, in the course of the Moroccan Royal House, "Royal Golf Dar Es Salaam" (Lalla Meryem Cup), tournament corresponding to the Ladies European Tour. Here, after 5 tournaments, Noemí is 53rd in the rankings.


C’mon Noemí!


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