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Guadalmina wins 4th year in a row the Anadalusian Interclubs Infantil & Cadete

Guadalmina wins 4th year in a row the Anadalusian Interclubs Infantil & Cadete

With a record of 6 teams registered (24 children), we went to Lauro Golf this weekend to try to defend the title of the last 3 years. Thanks to good rounds in the foursomes of the first day, our club occupied the first 3 places of the classification. We knew that it was going to be difficult to maintain the high level of play and it happened: in the whatsapp group that was created between parents, and captains, they began to announce many bogeys and for a while things did not gone anything well and the guys from La Cañada and Los Arqueros were delivering very low rounds.


In the end our boys managed the pressure as champions and ended up with 3 teams in the Top5 and the title for the 4th consecutive year. Thanks to the support of all the parents who have come to Lauro, the captains of the teams and our director of the academy Castor Gomez, who besides supporting his team, was on the driving range from the first moment helping and encouraging all the students!


Congratulations to the 24 children and our champion team:


Alvaro Mueller-Baumgart

Alejandro Chacón

Alejandra Sánchez de la Fuente

Michael Stanik

and his captain Juan Chacón


In addition, Alejandro and Álvaro achieved the best foursome round.


Guys, you are awesome!


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