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Angel Hidalgo keep growing

Angel Hidalgo keep growing

A homing pigeon sent a few weeks ago to the marbellí Angel Hidalgo an invitation to contest in Jerez (Xerry Golf) one of the tournaments of the professional national tour Gambito Pro Tour.


Remember that Angel still has a few years of amateur (plans to study in a US university) but it is important to be measured with the pros in order to take habits and experience to face the leap to professionalism.


The best way to get well prepared to the professional tour is this. Take you very seriously your last stage of amateur, competing with them and like them.  Just that is what they started to do from the RFEG and the RFGA with Mario Galiano and Ivan Cantero (2 of the firm promises of Spanish golf) about 2 years ago, when they began to invite them to several tournaments in Spain and abroad, normally belonging Alps and Challenge Tour. Or with the Catalan Adrià Arnaus recently.


Well, it seems that now in the sights is Angel Hidalgo and they don't think to leave him alone in his last years as an amateur. The plan is clear; get the maximum number of invitations so that our young promise gets accustomed to what seems to be will be his home for many years: the professional tours.


At the moment, in his first professional experience takes beautiful moments and the certainty of knowing that his game is in shape: 3 rounds under par to finish 6th. Awesome.


Next stop, Burgos. Angel will be in the XXX PGA Championship this week from Thursday at Golf Riocerezo.


Good luck, champion!


Results Gran Premio Botanic (Gambito):


We take the opportunity to congratulate Álvaro Mueller-Baugmart, also a member of the club, for his great performance (13th) at the U18 Spanish International at Lauro Golf. It should be noted that Alvaro is still 15 years old and almost all the boys were close to 18.


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