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Total success in the session of Psychology  introduced by Rocío Pomares

Total success in the session of Psychology introduced by Rocío Pomares

Very formative day with RFGA psychologist Rocío Pomares. In two sessions, one with the parents and the other with the children, Rocío explained the fundamental bases of psychology, to later focus on us: how parents can improve in supporting our children and how our little champions can manage his "up & downs" during competition and in the practice of golf in general.


More than 50 participants in total (23 parents and 30 children) attended this innovative talk and the response could not be more positive: "nice!, we need more sessions like this".


Thanks to Rocío for the fantastic day and our Academy Director Castor Gómez for organizing it with her.


And to top off the day we witnessed 2 HOLES IN ONE! in the Monthly School competition in the Par 3 course. Congratulations to Pablo Hidalgo Portillo (hole 4) and David Schneider (hole 1).


Congratulations to the winners, Nicolas Barclays (spectacular result of -6 scratch), Pablo Hidalgo (-4 scratch, -6 hdcp), Ana Rodríguez (handicap) and Jaime Macías (scratch) in category "9 holes" and of course thanks to all the participants for this great day. Special mention to the 15 children without national handicap who dared to compete, several of them for the first time. It is a real pleasure to have such a good group starting. Thanks to the parents who support them and who also have done a great job as markers.

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