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After 6 years, Puerta de Hierro Cup said goodbye to Andalucía

After 6 years, Puerta de Hierro Cup said goodbye to Andalucía

None of the 4 players of Guadalmina who reached the quarterfinals could take the trophy, but even so, the performance of our boys was outstanding.


Álvaro Mueller was defeated in the quarterfinals by champion David Puig, Hidalgo lost with his friend Pany (after, he lost in semis with Romero) in a beautiful match, with play-off included. Also in the semifinals Felipe Barrena lost his match in the 3rd hole of play-off.


It was lovely to see members watching and encouraging the guys during the 4 days, especially from the quarterfinals. They fell, yes, but with their heads held high.


What a great future awaits you, guys. Congratulations to the four.

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