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Marcus Svensson wins the Andlausian Cup 2017

Marcus Svensson wins the Andlausian Cup 2017

The Andalusia Cup stays at home

We continue to reap success. Our young player Marcus Svensson has brilliantly won the 2017 Andalusian Men's Cup, one of the greatest amateur tournaments in Spain. Rounds of 70, 68, 69 and 74 (-7 accumulated) were enough to win the prestigious Cup.

The Swedish set off with 4 strokes of lead in the last round over the spaniards Alejandro del Rey and Pablo Rodríguez-Tabernero, two heavyweights, so Thursday was not going to be a triumphal ride. In fact, until the 17th hole the tournament was very tight, but Rodríguez-Tabernero gave up after sending the ball out of bounds. Finally, Marcus ended up with two great pars to win at home.

Also worthy of mention was the meritorious 4th place of Ángel Hidalgo, the current champion of the Puerta de Hierro Cup played in La Cañada last December. Felipe Barrena (19th), Lukas Pany (21st) and Casto Gómez (40th) also had a notorious participation.

The other great winner of the week was the field, much praised by all players.

Our most sincerely congratulations, Marcus.



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